Water is the essential element of life, drinking water a precious resource. Free access to clean water is the central prerequisite for human existence. Whether drinking, service or process water, low germ numbers are playing a decisive role.

We at a.p.f Aqua System AG have been dealing with advancements of the disinfectant chlorine dioxide for years and in doing so we have been constantly showing great progress.

We would be glad to share our knowledge of chlorine dioxide with you by supporting your water treatment process.


At the beginning there was a vision of the Haitian salesman Alix Pierre Fouchard. He pursued the idea of treating waste water to drinking water to raise potable water capacity in arid regions.

Since 1998 he carried out extensive studies together with specialists in biology, chemistry and plant engineering and developed initial test setups. After having successfully implemented a drinking water treatment plant in Haiti he founded A.C.F. Rossmann Wasseraufbereitung AG together with his partners Mr. Rossmann, Mr. Messerschmidt and Dr. Fülling, in 2001.

Further company projects required new investments and investors. TRIODOS VENTURES B.V. (a venture capital fund of Dutch Triodos Bank), experienced with ecological enterprises, was gained as an investor in 2002. From the very beginning TRIODOS VENTURES B.V. had followed all company activities with great interest.

Regrettably Alix Pierre Fouchard could not accompany his idea on the way to success; he died in 2002. To hold his memory in the highest esteem, the company has been carrying his initials in its name as a.p.f Aqua System AG, since 2003. In the course of reconstruction Dr. Helmut Uhlmann, initially appointed to supervisory board of the company, was designated as managing director (CEO).

The final step of disinfection of water for reuse purposes, especially as drinking water, was the key element in many projects. The lack of disinfectants, able to be effective even in high pH-ranges or with increased concentrations of humic substances, necessitated further developments. a.p.f Aqua System AG succeeded in developing a real, high-purity, storage stable and therefore distributable aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide (protected by patent WO/2012/084247; PCT/EP2011/006510), in 2010. Since 2013 chlorine dioxide, under the trade name of Clorious2, has been obtainable from Brenntag GmbH as a good shipped in drums. Beyond, a.p.f Aqua System has now been developing a generator, which continuously produces chlorine dioxide based on the reaction of sodium chlorite and sodium peroxodisulphate.

Ongoing developments have led to a more scientific orientation of the staff of a.p.f Aqua System AG to reach a more sustainable development by implementing more scientific knowledge for concrete biotechniolgical applications.


Dr. Helmut Uhlmann 

Chemist with focus on toxicology, who worked for years as laboratory head in a consultancy for environmental and damage analysis. In first instance appointed to supervisory board, since 2003, he has been managing the companies’ fortunes (CEO). His formidable analytic expertise leads to a special recognition by our customers, high spirits to his enormous popularity as chief executive. Tell him your problem with certain application technology and Helmut will find solution options in no time at all.

T +49 202 317 659 1


Uwe Uhlmann

In case you want to measure and control a system (MSR) best thing is to contact Uwe, the technician, directly. He finds the right tone in M2M communication. If you need help, guidance or want to place an order of monitoring technology (myDatasensH2S, myDatalogMUC, myDatalogMUCmini etc.), please call him.

T +49 202 317 659 0


Dr. Jochen Sturhan

Jochen, a chemist with focus on organic, is not only chemically and technically experienced but also manual skilled. He can help you with all questions around the use of chlorine dioxide as drum good or generator product. Whether choice of a dispensing system, adjustment of pump performance or design of gas scrubbers, Jochen will find an optimized solution with foresight and ease.

T +49 202 27 25 69 30


Dr. Anika Grübel

Anika, geoecologist with focus on water chemistry and water supply and distribution, looks after all aspects on drinking and service water. She helps you with your water treatment optimization or the choice and appraisal of convenient measuring parameters. Just send a non-binding request to Anika.

T +49 202 27 25 69 28


Arndt Matschulat 

Do you have any trouble with your domestic plumbing system, as Legionella or any other microbial loads were detected? Arndt handles these problems and related tasks overarching to ensure a smooth procedure.



  • A five-star hotel is using a module designed by a.p.f Aqua System to gain drinking water in Port au Prince/Haiti since 2001.
  • A holiday resort is conducting an a.p.f Aqua System plant to treat wastewater in Suez (red sea, Egypt) since 2001.
  • A nuclear medical department of a hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia is employing modules of a.p.f Aqua System to treat highly jodine containing waters, since 2002.
  • An a.p.f Aqua System plant, located in the eastern Sahara, is running to process organically highly loaded wastewater, since 2004.
  • A ready-made-meal producer from North Rhine-Westphalia pursues a concept of a.p.f Aqua System to treat his production wastewater, since 2004.
  • Different scientific institutions e.g. the University of Wuppertal are working with chlorine dioxide, modified by a.p.f, in the framework of research projects to disinfection performance, since 2010
  • Clorious2, chlorine dioxide further developed by Dr. H. Uhlmann, is obtainable as a stable drum good by Brenntag GmbH, since 2013.
  • A municipal utility in a Rhineland-Palatinate commune is using chlorine dioxide to control odours from sewer systems in 2013. Initially used as drum good, there was a switch to run an a.p.f-based generator, producing chlorine dioxide on-site, in 2014
  • For different case-studies there are miscellaneous applications of Clorious2 in manifold areas.


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