drinking water

  • flushing domestic distribution systems with contaminations of Legionella, Pseudomonas or E. coli
  • equipment and site disinfection
  • disinfection of drinking water
  • deferrization and demanganization of water
  • detoxification (arsenic, cyanide etc.) 
  • odour removal

service water

  • disinfection of irrigation/rain water, removal of biofilm
  • pre-treatment of bathing water/sanitation
  • algae and mussle control in pipes

pool water

  • disinfection of pool water (filter flushing, equipment disinfection etc.)
  • disinfection of surfaces in wet areas
  • disinfection of distribution systems (Legionella control)

industrial/process water 

  • control of biofilms, microbes, mold/fungi, algae and mussels
  • Legionella control in cold and hot water
  • conditioning of cooling water
  • cleaning of air washers
  • process sanitation
  • slime control
  • beverage filling, CIP, bottle rinsing and surface cleaning
  • washing fruits and vegetables
  • ballast water treatment
  • cleaning and disinfection of membranes

waste water

  • hydrogen sulphide removal and further sulphur-containing odorants
  • decline of pharmaceutical residues (e.g. endocrine disrupter)
  • desintegration of sludge (dewatering)
  • stabilisation and sanitation of sludge, digestate or treatet effluent

room air

  • odour removal
  • disinfection (viruses, spores etc.) 

air dressing

  • disinfection of open wounds

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