chlorine dioxide

Clorious2 is an aquatic chlorine dioxide solution with 0.6 % (6000 ppm, 6 g/L) active substance available in two sizes: drum with 200 L (D/BAM 14378/6HA1) and can with 30 L (D/BAM 14490/6HA1).

The a.p.f- based chlorine dioxide generator is continuously producing chlorine dioxide up to a concentration of 2 % (20 g/L) based on the reaction of sodium chlorite and sodium persulphate.

valuable information around Clorious2

Clorious2 is the oxidant respectively disinfectant chlorine dioxide (ClO2, DIN EN 12671). It is obtained by sodium chlorite and sodium persulphate. Among experts this procedure is known as “hand-mixing” or “laboratory” method which has already been exercised and tested for a long time. However, unlike common practice, the patented a.p.f way of production (PCT/EP2011/006510 // WO2012084247 A1) results in a very clean and therefore stable aquatic solution of chlorine dioxide. Neither catalysts nor buffer substances are added to the solution. Reactants are in accordance with product norms DIN EN 938 (sodium chlorite) and DIN EN 12926 (sodium persulphate). This patented method guarantees a complete conversion of chlorite to chlorine dioxide even for large quantities. There is no hydrochloric acid or free chlorine/hypochlorite required. The resulting application solution contributes only negligibly to corrosion and there is no formation of chlorinated by-products (AOX, THM, HAA) by excess chlorine. With acquisition of Clorious2 as drum or generator good hand-mixing is not necessary, resulting in a very safe way of handling the product chlorine dioxide. Using special dispensing connectors and dosing pumps enables a low-emission application of the product. Clorious2 is no “stabilised chlorine dioxide” – a terminology often used when chlorite is sold and has to be “activated” on-site.

Applying Clorious2 shows all advantages chlorine dioxide offers in contrast to apply chlorine:

  • Chlorine dioxide does not react with ammonia. Thus there is no formation of odour-active chloramines and chlorine dioxide is not needlessly wasted by high ammonia concentrations.
  • Chlorine dioxide is oxidising and disinfecting in a wide range of pH-values (pH 2-10).
  • Chlorine dioxide reacts as oxygen carrier/electron acceptor and does not chlorinate organic substances (no AOX, no THM etc.).
  • Chlorine dioxide is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi/molds and removes biofilms.

skills of the new Clorious2 generator

The generator is made out of durable material (HDPE). Under operating conditions it is not pressurised and it goes without an aggressive gas phase. The precise digital membrane dosing pumps have no contact with the produced chlorine dioxide and are therefore long-term operational. An automatic self-control of pumps with integrated fault diagnosis prevents hauling of only one reactant. Production capacity and product concentration are variable and the system is independent of external water. To further raise the generator’s safety the reactor is designed double-walled and is surrounded by a water jacket. At an early stage even minor changes (e.g. minimal leaks/diffusion) are detected by an increased redox potential in the water jacket or by a chlorine dioxide gas sensor. All in- and effluents of the generator are constructed top-side. Additionally, protection against chlorine dioxide leakages is ensured by a spill sensor and a collecting tray. With generator produced chlorine dioxide continuous or surge dosing is possible without any minimum consumption or trouble if dosing breaks are necessary. The whole operation runs fully automated and the system management is remote controlled. Chlorine dioxide concentration or redox potential in the charged water can be applied as control variables. By complete collection of data all operating conditions can be displayed any time, including remote diagnostics in case of malfunction. All filling levels and rates of consumption are determined; thus signals for reactant emptying are available, which enables an automatic requisition or delivery requirement.


Clorious2 generator Clorious2-60 Clorious2-300 Clorious2-1200
technical data
ClO2 output 0 - 60 g/h 0 - 300 g/h 0 - 1200 g/h
ClO2 concentration up to 20 g/L (2 %) up to 20 g/L (2 %) up tp20 g/L (2 %)
dosing max. 3 L/h 15 L/h 60 L/h
reactants Brenntag Clorious2 Sys Ox & Brenntag Clorious2 Tech S
available in drum, IBC, tank
control myDatalogMUC, Pawn Script
8 x 4-20 mA2 x RS485, 1 x RS232
ClO2 gas indicator Dr. Kuntze K 100 GAS
protection category IP 54
power supply
230 V / 50 Hz
13 A
installation site inside, frost protected
shipping weight ca. 25 kg                      35 kg                     80 kg

MSR technique for remote control of process parameters

The applied MSR-technique within a.p.f Aqua System is based on M2M-technology by Microtronics (Austria). This technique enables monitoring of chlorine dioxide in aqueous or gas phase, monitoring of volumetric flows, filling levels, pump settings or sensors for pH-value, redox potential, conductivity, oxygen or hydrogen sulphide content and many other parameters. Obtained data is collected centrally on a web server (via GPRS), processed and displayed on a web surface in real time. With buildup of a closed loop not only monitoring but also remote control is possible. Hence, alarm messages, delivery requirements or system optimisations are directly palpable for customers. Log-in to the system – location-independent, flexible and mobile – with smart phone, tablet or laptop facilitates surveillance.

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